Did you know Project Starline, Google's game-changing tech, will improve the video calling experience for users and make it more realistic and immersive

Did you know Project Starline, Google's game-changing tech, will improve the video calling experience for users and make it more realistic and immersive

Google is working to change the video calling experience for the users and trying to make it more realistic than ever before. Google is experimenting with a next-generation video calling tech for its users, so if you are chatting with a person on a video, it will make the person to appear in 3D and what more interesting is you can even look at the person through multiple angles by moving around just like you can change the angle in 360-degree picture and you can even make eye contact with that person. Google has named this system “Project Starline” and it will basically make the video more realistic, therefore, it is actually a genuine fancy video chat setup.

This platform will capture the looks of a person through multiple cameras and sensors and shape through changed viewpoints to make a perfect video calling experience so that the user imaginary feel like they are sitting together just like in real life. It then sews those angles together into a 3D model that’s transmitting in real time to whomever they are having a conversation with. This Starline was used in Google’s preview in the chat of individual persons but not in groups chat and both sides are appeared to be having the specialized tech so it could work entirely; it is possible that Google may expand this feature to groups in the near future.

 Google has launched a sample video (featured below) in which it has shown people are interacting in a video in such a way that they are actually sitting with each other in the same room. The person chatting on a video said that it was a mind-blowing experience as if she is right in front of the other person. This system is large now and it looks to be a whole booth, full of lights, multiple cameras, and a seat to sit. Google basically depends on custom-built hardware and highly dedicated gear. According to a report, the booth has multiple depth sensors and a light field display of 65-inches that helps to make the person seem in 3D as the other person is actually sitting in front. However, this video chatting booth is available in some of the offices of Google, and Google is planning to experiment with the tech with different partners after this year.

Google wants to get feedbacks from health groups and media centers because it will be much beneficial for these sectors. During the pandemic situation, most of the meetings are conducted through video chat and companies are expecting that they will mostly depend on video chatting in the near future. After the launch of this feature people will get rid of the blurry calls.


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