Did you know Instagram to Start Notifying your DM Partners that You May Be Slow to Respond?

Did you know Instagram to Start Notifying your DM Partners that You May Be Slow to Respond?

Have you ever experienced your friends or loved ones getting angry at you just because you were too slow to respond to their DMs? If your answer is yes, then Instagram’s new feature might be the one to make things better!

InstaLeaks (known for unveiling Instagram features in development) recently tweeted about the Facebook-owned media-sharing service working on a unique feature. The said feature will inform the people in your DMs that you may be a little busy and slow to get back to them.

A screenshot was also attached to the tweet. It shows how the party on the other end receives a message stating that the user they are trying to communicate with is dealing with quite a lot of messages at that time and thus, may be a little slow to respond.

This new development will save you the need for messaging the other person that you are occupied with other people (or maybe not interested in entertaining someone at some point in time).

As of now, there’s no word as to when this feature might be rolled out. Currently, all that’s known is that it is in the development phase. Soon, Instagram may activate it for certain users to test its performance before going for a widespread release.

Stay tuned for any potential updates in this story.


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