Google Says: You’re Going to See More App Ads On iOS Mobile Web Browsers, Here’s Why

Google Says: You’re Going to See More App Ads On iOS Mobile Web Browsers, Here’s Why

Google Ads is widening the app ads distribution and it will now be seen frequently on iOS devices, as announced by Rahul Oak, Google's Product Manager for App Ads, in a Google Ads Help page.

From this July, mobile web browsers in iOS devices will display app ads on more searches. 

Whenever a query is searched, results will display ads related to different apps. Like when a restaurant is searched, results will show a local food delivery app. 

App ads are displayed on Google Play, YouTube and other three million apps and sites that are part of Google. 

The campaign reporting for advertisers will include the number of times app is installed and the in-app conversion events from iOS browser. This will help marketers understand how this change is benefiting them.

Advertisers do not have to take any action to customize their ads to this new feature. The new data will be included in the ‘Conversions’ column of the current app campaigns. 

The new system may not be foolproof and thus advertisers are advised by Google to keep checking their bids and budgets.

New updates for App campaigns help unlock more search inventory on iOS mobile web browsers

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