Google Android App will Now History Carousel to Show Previous Searches

Google Android App will Now History Carousel to Show Previous Searches

Google recently tested a way that enables Android users to share their searches quickly with others. Now it introduces a way to show previously searched queries, by appearing them below the Search field in a history carousel.

This feature is appearing in the latest Android beta version

In the Discover tab, under the search bar is a carousel, showing the last 3 to 8 searched queries from that device, including searches from Google app, Widget, and Pixel Launcher field.

The white search bar will show almost the first five letters of search in fainted gray outline, following the Google Material Theme. On the left side is a magnifying glass icon in blue. To look for the previous history, users can scroll and select the previously searched queries by tapping it and relevant results will appear. 

Though it was already possible to check history by tapping the Search bar that showed history, with a new feature, it has become simpler, refined and squeezed. 

It is also possible to remove the certain query from the history by pressing it down and deleting it. It might not delete immediately and take a little time before disappearing from carousal. 

Like New Tab page on Chrome, this feature will only show the exact searches as done on device instead of showing the queries made on other phones or web through syncing it. 

The latest version 10.7 of Google app will have this feature, which is currently in beta version and will soon be rolled out to users in coming days.

Google's Android app is testing carousel of recent searches

H/T: 9to5Google.


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