Microsoft is All Set to Make Digital Assistant Cortana More Natural and Realistic

Microsoft is All Set to Make Digital Assistant Cortana More Natural and Realistic

Voice-controlled computing turned reality with all thanks to virtual assistants, like Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa and by Google. However, still, a normal, human-like conversation is not yet possible with the digital assistants. To improve Cortana, Microsoft revealed its plan in the Build developer conference

To make Cortana understand in a more realistic and natural way, Microsoft plans to use natural language startup, Semantic Machines’ technology, that company took hold of in 2018

To demonstrate its plan, a video was played in which executive could be seen moving around in her office while conversing with Cortana. The virtual assistant was assisting her in going through her schedule, helping to reschedule and arrange meetings with co-workers, all in a natural manner. 

Instead of phrasing conversation like a command, the executive had a smooth talk with the Cortana and the received response was the most realistic possible, with the addition of expressions like “umms”. 

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft said they are working to make conversations smart, and not continue it as command based interactions. 

The demonstration presented at the conference looked like a conversation between two people over the phone, whereas it is yet to witness whether Microsoft will be successful in achieving what is presented in the demo.

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