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LinkedIn Advertising: New Features Every Marketer Should Know About

LinkedIn Advertising: New Features Every Marketer Should Know About A LinkedIn Advertiser Shares Her Excitement About Some of the Platfo...

LinkedIn Advertising: New Features Every Marketer Should Know About

A LinkedIn Advertiser Shares Her Excitement About Some of the Platform's Latest Advances

LinkedIn Advertising

Editor's Note: This guest post was contributed by Kaitlyn Delaney, Lead Social Media Strategist at Incentric Digital Marketing.
If you haven’t been in LinkedIn ads manager, otherwise known as Campaign Manager, recently you may notice some changes next time you log in. LinkedIn, like all social platforms, is constantly making adjustments and improvements to their advertising platforms to provide more value for marketers and members alike. So what are some of the newest updates to LinkedIn’s advertising offerings? Here are the features you should take advantage of when you launch that next campaign.

Objective-Based Advertising

LinkedIn’s Objective-Based Advertising is out of beta and here to stay. Previously, when you launched a new campaign you began by choosing your ad type: Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, Text Ads, or Dynamic Ads. Now ad creation has been streamlined and shines a spotlight on what really matters: your marketing goals. Are you looking for web traffic? Video Views? Leads? Once you choose your goal, you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of ad formats to help you get there.
(Note: The grayed options below are coming soon)

Forecasted Results

Similar to what you may have seen in Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn’s ad platform now has a “Forecasted Results” feature. We love this because it allows you to estimate how your campaign will perform against your target audience. So what can you forecast? This gives you an idea of what you expect for impressions, sends (for InMail only), spend, clicks, and CTR, so you can refine your campaigns to best hit those marketing goals.

Interest Targeting

You’ve seen interest targeting on other social platforms and now it’s one of LinkedIn’s targeting parameters. There are two options for how to go about this: Member Groups and Member Interests. Member groups lets you target your ads by groups users are likely to be a part of on the platform. Think things like Video Professionals, Career Forums, and Compliance Associations. You can also target by interest in a more traditional sense with “Member Interests”. This has LinkedIn target people based on the types of content they engage with on the platform (business and management, technology, etc). Having detailed personas developed will help you narrow down which interests to choose from.

Click Demographics

If you’ve already installed LinkedIn’s Insight Tag (or pixel) on your site you may have noticed Web Demographics are available for custom audiences you’ve built. Now they’re available on the campaign level with click demographics. Pulling information from users’ profiles LinkedIn allows you to see anonymized data on members’…
  • Company name, size & industry
  • Job function, titles and seniority
  • Location
We love looking at this data because it gives you more insight into who’s visiting your site and interacting with your campaigns. Use them to see insights on which segments of your target audience are performing best and optimize your campaigns accordingly. Tip: From demographics, adjust your targeting in your campaigns based on audiences that are engaging.
To see the latest LinkedIn ad features for yourself, visit Linkedin Campaign Manager right now
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