Infographic: 10 takeaways about content on LinkedIn

Infographic: 10 takeaways about content on LinkedIn

Recent quarterly update by Microsoft reports that LinkedIn, its social network is constantly seeing record levels of engagement, with on-platform sessions growing by 24%. 

LinkedIn is a popular networking platform for professionals all over the world. Since a few years, the service has been seeing significant engagement from its user base but where, exactly, is the growth coming from? And what type of content is sparking the most interest of the user?

To clarify the facts, LinkedIn recently published a new infographic where they outlined key stats regarding their user base and their engagement tactics.

Some of the key points from the infographic include:

• The UK and the India market are the most engaged with the platform

• Weekly members who engage heavily with content are 5x more likely to return daily

• Publishers see an average of 120 percent growth in Page followers year-over-year

• Videos get the most comments

• Messaging has increase by 35 percent year-over-year. 

Check out the infographic below or read the complete report by LinkedIn here.

10 Surprising Stats You Didn't Know About Content on LinkedIn - infographic


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