Google's Sundar Pichai points finger at Apple’s security pitch says, privacy is not a luxury

Google's Sundar Pichai points finger at Apple’s security pitch says, privacy is not a luxury

After the biggest data scandal of Facebook, privacy has become a tech mantra that has hypnotized all. Most of the bigger tech companies are now considering privacy as a major concern for their business. In a recent interview with The New York times, Sundar Pichai (the CEO of Google) very bluntly said that privacy is not a luxury that can be offered to people who can afford to buy the premium product and services.

Some say that Pichai was pointing fingers at Apple’s products because they are selling their products at a very high rate. On Tuesday during the developers’ conference, the CEO unveiled a smartphone worth $399 that was comparatively 50% cheaper than the competitor Apple phone that is worth $749. The newly launched phone by Google offers the latest privacy features in Android operating system that are similar to the privacy features included in the iPhone XR.

Since Apple has been the flag bearer of the privacy message since its launch and most of the products revolve around the idea of proving better security and privacy services, most of the experts feel that the shades were directed towards Apple.

According to critics, the Apple CEO had it coming for a very long time since he had blasted other business and tech companies on several occasions for their business models. Although he has refrained from pointing out names. He has criticized big tech companies like Google for various reason time after time. During a speech, Cook said, “We shouldn't sugarcoat the consequences. This is surveillance. And these stockpiles of personal data serve only to enrich the companies that collect them."

With the help of the recently unveiled product, Google has not only set the benchmark for privacy message but it has also taken a huge step in the tech industry by offering better features at a comparatively lower price. Although, Google has faced a lot of criticism in the past for its privacy and security related issue, with the recent reforms they have seemed to make an effort to fix things. Last year, Google faced internal resistance over their project that was related to censoring search engine in China, later the project was ended by the company over this controversy. According to a Report, Google+ was also involved in breaching the privacy law and exposing the personal information of over 500,000 users, which raised a lot of eyebrows in social media networking societies.

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