Facebook introduces an automated ad builder and new video creative tools for SMEs

Facebook introduces an automated ad builder and new video creative tools for SMEs

Facebook is introducing a number of new products that would appeal to the small business owners. 

One of the new features is the Automated Ads system where the business owner can get an automated outline for their ad campaign on the basis of a few questions. Since small business owners often have limited marketing experience, the team of Facebook also aims to help them analyze their target audience, budget, and even duration of the ad campaigns. 

On the other hand, those marketers who don’t want to opt for Automated ads can still buy ads the way they did before. Moreover, you can still, take recommendations by Facebook but there is no compulsion when it comes to accepting the ideas.

Facebook will, however, keep the advertising campaign transparent for the business owners and would keep them notified about the campaign at all times. 

"We believe in empowering small businesses through our free and paid solutions to help more people launch and grow businesses, which translates to real impact for their communities and local economies.", announced Facebook team in a blog post.
Facebook is also expanding its booking feature, already available on Messenger, to Facebook and Instagram. The appointments can now also be synced with the user’s personal calendar or with third-party tools such as MyTime and HomeAdvisor. 

Facebook also claimed to be rolling out new video editing functionalities where users can add texts and images on videos. The videos can also be cropped to adapt to different requirements.

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