Snapchat releases the ‘revamped’ app for its Android users

Snapchat releases the ‘revamped’ app for its Android users

Finally, Snapchat has released its revamped version for Android users, which apparently the company had been working on since the beginning of 2018. The initiative was taken to bring the Android version of their app up to par with the iOS app. 

Apparently, the ‘renovated’ app brings no changes in the actual user-interface or navigation but according to the company, it is faster and better than the former version. 

In a recent interview with the press, the company admits to being working on the rewrite for some time now as fixing the recurrent issues with patches was not working out for the apps betterment.

The new app is designed with Android’s large ecosystem in mind and considers its many aspects including cameras and processors. 

The rewrite for the updated app of Snapchat has been done and in the near future, we can expect the same to work without any glitches. In fact, Snap’s VP of Product Jacob Andreou said that it wouldn’t be surprising to find new features on Android – long before they are introduced to iOS.

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