It won’t be easy to get every game running on Google Stadia, says The Surge 2 dev

It won’t be easy to get every game running on Google Stadia, says The Surge 2 dev

Google Stadia has the potential to completely transform the gaming industry, but some genres might have trouble adapting to the new technology.
Speaking to Trusted Reviews at a recent event in Paris, The Surge 2’s creative director Jan Klose said “there are definitely more trickier games to get to run on Stadia because of the timings that you need.”
“I don’t think the solution would be to remove the necessity for timing in the game since it doesn’t make sense. It’s the same if you have a shooter game where I need my timings. You could always make it easier, or make the windows [of latency] larger. I mean, some do that, but they’re not skill-based as much as other games.”
Klose went on to say that he believes Google Stadia will adapt faster than we expect, similar to how we approached HD video streaming several years ago.
“I do think games like shooters and timing-based games and tactics games will have a future on those platforms, especially because I think it will be sooner rather than later that the infrastructure will catch up.
So, I think, at the beginning when there were HD videos you were like I can’t play them, they’ll eat all my battery. Now, nobody even thinks twice launching HD video on their mobile phone wherever they are. Things are changing very very fast.”
The latency associated with Google Stadia, especially with certain genres such as fighters, shooters and action RPGs which require razor sharp responses, has been a common worry amongst players since the service was unveiled.
However, Klose believes that Stadia “won’t be a showstopper” for games like this, and both developers and the general public will learn to adapt.
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