Invisible Lewd Video Hoax Is Once Again Making Rounds On Social Media (Beware Facebook Users)

Invisible Lewd Video Hoax Is Once Again Making Rounds On Social Media (Beware Facebook Users)

We often see a hoax here and there on the internet. These hoaxes come from the fact that the internet can be a pretty vibrant place that is full of all sorts of people all of whom believe different things, and if there is one thing that human beings have in common it is that we have a tendency to believe realities without fully thinking about what those things actually meant at the end of the day. This is why hoaxes become so widespread and the most recent hoax that we have seen is a pretty good example.

This latest hoax, of course, spread all across social media and told gullible users that hackers were posting lewd and sexual videos and photos on their walls that were invisible to them but were visible to everyone else on their friend’s list. This would obviously put a lot of people into a state of panic and would make it so that they would hastily try to fix the issue. The only problem is that there is no issue really, indeed there are no hackers that are trying to post nude videos onto your wall at all.

This is a rather old hoax that has been spotted before. It tends to come about every so often, give a few people a good scare and then end up dying a mostly quiet death as people forget about it and start to move on with their lives. The fact of the matter is that you don’t really have anything to worry about with hoaxes like these since they are mostly meant as a prank more than anything on the malicious side of things.

"There is no credible evidence that this threat is real, and the warnings remain vague and unsourced.", claimed Politifact a certified third-party Facebook fact-checker. Adding further, "This claim is False."

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