Facebook tests Dark Mode that makes it easier to browse the feed in low-light conditions

Facebook tests Dark Mode that makes it easier to browse the feed in low-light conditions

It looks like Facebook has big plans for its Watch tab. The feature was introduced to let you find, follow and watch your favorite shows as well as those watched by your friends. In addition to that, you can also chat with people while watching an episode of the same show and become a part of groups with the same people. 

Watch covers a diverse variety of shows, from reality to sports and fictional entertainment. The best thing about it is that while many shows will be made by professional creators, regular Facebook users will also get a chance to create their own shows! 

Thus, it’s important that this feature gets all the attention and improvements it can, and looks like that is exactly what Facebook is doing. Famous app researcher, Jane Manchun Wong, posted a tweet recently, from which it appears that Facebook is testing Dark Mode for the Watch Tab. 

Dark Mode helps in enhancing text readability and reducing eye fatigue, along with being beneficial for users with bright screen devices. Thus, this addition has the capability to lure in users, especially during the night time, when most people like to binge watch shows, after wrapping up their day’s schedule.

Source of the post : https://www.digitalinformationworld.com/ 


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