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Apple and Sweet Potato Matzo Bake

Apple and Sweet Potato Matzo Bake Need a make-ahead dish for Passover dinner? Let this sweet and satisfying matzo bake with apples a...

Apple and Sweet Potato Matzo Bake

Need a make-ahead dish for Passover dinner? Let this sweet and satisfying matzo bake with apples and sweet potatoes be your saving grace! Serve it on the side with brisket or roast chicken.

Photography Credit: Coco Morante
Tired of the usual tsimmes and kugel served at Passover dinner? Make a beautifully layered matzo bake this year!


Tsimmes is a mix of sweet potatoes and dried fruits sweetened with orange juice, and kugel is a casserole of noodles or potatoes. They might seem almost dessert-like in their sweetness, but they are most commonly served as side dishes alongside a savory main course.
Think of them as the Jewish holiday equivalents of Thanksgiving sweet potato casserole—sweet dishes meant to accompany a table of savory foods.
While they’re both delicious side dishes, they can’t compete with the look of this layered Matzo Bake! I absolutely love how pretty this is when cut into slices. The bright orange layers of sweet potato make this a showstopper dish!

Passover Side Dish with Matzo -white casserole dish filled with layers of sweet potatoes and apples, with matzo crackers on top. A slice is missing and a serving spatula is in its place


If you’ve ever made a skillet of matzo brei, the matzo and egg layers in this bake will look familiar. In fact, this Matzo Bake works for breakfast, brunch, or as a side dish to brisket or roast chicken at dinner!
It’s got layers of egg-soaked matzo, thinly sliced sweet potatoes, and cinnamon-spiced apples. You’ll dot the top with some margarine, and bake it for a few extra minutes so it gets crispy and browned before serving.
Margarine rather than butter is used here, since kosher dietary laws dictate that dairy cannot be eaten alongside or directly after a meal that also includes meat. If your Passover meal is completely vegetarian or you don’t follow kosher law, feel free to use butter instead.
Matzo Side Dish for Passover - - white casserole dish with a layer of sweet potatoes on the bottom and a layer of apples on top sprinkled iwth cinnamonPassover Side Dish with Matzo - casserole dish with matzo on top


To streamline your day-of-Seder routine, you can assemble the Matzo Bake a day in advance. Just be prepared to add a few minutes to the cooking time if you’re taking it straight from the refrigerator to the oven.
Once baked, it will keep for up to three days in the fridge.
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