AMP Stories will now have their designated place in Google search results

AMP Stories will now have their designated place in Google search results

Google is embedding a new section to its search result pages for AMP Stories. The search giant announced the development of AMP Stories over a year ago and seems like they will soon be launching with a bang!

The update regarding the AMP Stories was confirmed at the AMP Conference recently held in Tokyo. According to the representatives, the AMP Stories will appear similar to the Instagram Stories but will be built on the AMP framework. 

Besides having their unique space in search results, the AMP Stories can be linked to any other web page – enhancing SEO. 

AMP Stories now appears in a dedicated section in search results for general queries such as "things to do in Tokyo". It's a new opportunity to attract users in SEO.
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On most social media platforms, the stories disappear after 24 hours. However, the stories on Google’s search results can stay for as long as the creator wants. 

Kenichi Suzuki, Google product expert noted that, currently, the feature is rolling out for only U.S. region.

To find out how the AMP Stories will appear, check out the announcement video here (or featured below). 

The Stories feature will be applicable for travel-related content initially and expand to other searches soon. 

If you want to create your own AMP Stories for Google’s search results, click here for the tutorial.

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