Amazon, Google, Netflix: Surprising List of the Most Loved Brands by Americans in 2019 Revealed

Amazon, Google, Netflix: Surprising List of the Most Loved Brands by Americans in 2019 Revealed

Every now and then, surveys are conducted regarding different topics. The recent survey by Morning Consult took the response from 400,000 U.S. adults about their most loved brands in 2019.

The most loved brand by Americans is Amazon, the same company whose employees are often seen protesting about the working conditions within the company. 

The tech companies are no behind as Google managed it to be on the second position and Netflix the 3rd most loved company in America. YouTube, PayPal, and Samsung were also found in the list of top 25.

Surprisingly Apple is not in the list of top brands and according to Morning Consult data, in the last three years, Apple has not made it to their top 25 companies’ list, despite their huge profits in the last few years. 

These Are the Most Loved Brands of 2019

The companies found on the list have been changing the ways people work, live and play:

1. Amazon

2. Google

3. Netflix 

4. UPS 

5. Home Depot 

6. United States Postal Service (USPS)

7. Hershey’s 

8. FedEx

9. Dollar Tree 

10. Cheerios 

11. Lowes 

12. Samsung 

13. Tide 

14. YouTube 

15. Target 

16. Weather Channel 

17. Dove 

18. Walmart 

19. Subway 

20. Walgreens

21. PayPal

22. Dairy Queen 

23. Walt Disney 

24. Chick-Fil-A 

25. Colgate 

Whereas the brands loved the most by Gen Z (Aging from 18 to 21) is to some extent different than this list.

These are the Most Loved Brands among Gen Z (ages 18-21)

The index is based on favorability, trust, community impact and net promoter score.


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