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Nintendo Labo VR Kit Review

Nintendo Labo VR Kit Review What is Nintendo Labo VR Kit? The Nintendo Labo VR Kit   is the latest addition to Nintendo’s creative cardboard range, where users can build various cardboard controllers – shaped like a fishing rod, piano or steering wheel etc – for use with all sorts of fun mini games on the Nintendo Switch. Thanks to the introduction of virtual reality though, the VR Kit is perhaps the most exciting Labo entry yet. Since we’re talking about Nintendo here, this virtual reality doesn’t offer groundbreaking immersion or require a monster computer rig – all you need is the Switch console, a pair of Joy-Cons and all the cardboard cutouts, elastic bands and software bundled in the £35 VR Kit starter set. This means the Labo VR Kit is restricted to simple, bite-size experiences rather than a full-fledged video game and is certainly more akin to Google Cardboard than Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. That’s not an issue though, as Nintendo has made it clear Labo VR Kit is

There's a new Instagram Phishing Scam going around by the name "HotList"

There's a new Instagram Phishing Scam going around by the name "HotList" Phishing scams  have become quite normal these days. They seem so authentic that it’s easy to fall for them. Even Instagram isn’t safe from such attacks. Recently, reports started emerging about The HotList phishing scam. The scam is, in one way or another, similar to “ The Nasty List ” scam that emerged not more than a week ago. The scam makes itself seem like a collection of pictures ranked according to the hotness factor. Pretty normal for a platform like Instagram, right? Well, it’s a scam and leads users to a fake Instagram login page and gets their login credentials.  It all starts when a user receives a message from someone who claims to have seen some pictures of them on a profile (@The_HotList_95) upvoted to an impressive position. If the user follows the trail and clicks on the mentioned profile, they will be brought to a description that will encourage them to check the position they are

Facebook is experimenting with ‘upvotes’ and ‘downvotes’ for its comment section

Facebook is experimenting with ‘upvotes’ and ‘downvotes’ for its comment section Joe Youngblood, a marketing theorist reveals that Facebook is currently testing the user’s ability to upvote and downvote comments.  As of now, the tests are limited to the Android app but it is likely that it may move to the iOS platform soon as well.  According to  a tweet shared by Youngblood , Facebook is taking a page out of Reddit’s playbook that allows its community members to moderate at some extent with the upvote and downvote buttons. Along with the test feature, Facebook adds a message for the users that ask them to support comments that are thoughtful while demoting the ones that may seem irrelevant or uncivil.  However, in most social media platforms, the comments that receive the most like are at the top of the feed while the downvoted go to the bottom. In Facebook’s case, the messages are pretty much jumbled up regardless of the upvotes and downvotes it has received.  Nevertheless, the f

Battlefield 5 Review

Battlefield 5 Review Battlefield 5 Review: Electronic Arts and DICE bring their blockbuster shooter series back to World War 2 with Battlefield 5. But how does it fare against the competition? War, if numerous Fallout trailers have taught me correctly, never changes. The Battlefield series has always exemplified this to a degree, with the addition of one caveat: in each Battlefield game, War  slightly  changes. While each release in the series might feature EA jumping up onto a stage to talk about how the game will be changed forever, it’s often the same game with minor tweaks to the gadgets and weaponry to fit the setting. There are few changes, but this is understandable when you consider that the series’ first real attempt at a complete reinvention — the much maligned Battlefield Hardline — was a disaster for the company, and since then Battlefield has played it safe. Battlefield 5, for all of its bluster,  is unfortunately, no exception. I’m enjoying it, and writi