The Advanced Guide for Growth Hacking (Infographic)

The Advanced Guide for Growth Hacking (Infographic)

When it comes to growth marketing, there are only a few reliable guides for digital marketers to refer. That’s why many entrepreneurs unfortunately forget to incorporate the most important elements of a successful growth hacking strategy.

One of the biggest mistakes that online businesses make about growth marketing is to undermine the power of great value proposition and a solid business model. While these two elements are not seen as marketing element, they play a great deal in your success.

Following a pattern that matches your business model, and a proven growth framework, increases your chance of success. By framework, I don’t mean a marketing playbook that’s been crafted based on corporate policies. In fact, it’s all about unconventional strategies that make difference and produce amazing results.

There are many other strategies like conversion optimization, landing page optimization, customer acquisition, and more that co-exist with growth hacking. However, generally, we can break down the growth hacking framework into 3 steps: attract, activate, and engage

Check out the below definitive guide for growth hacking infographic that clearly explains the four essential steps of growth hacking framework, and provides a few actionable steps and some amazing statistics that work well.


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