10 Most Popular Websites Every B2B Marketer Should Follow [infographic]

10 Most Popular Websites Every B2B Marketer Should Follow [infographic]

How to make an impact online? How do you become a B2B marketer?
Simple, by reading and learning from expert marketers. Here are top 10 B2B marketing blogs that aspiring rock stars are reading - and why you need to start following them, too. List provided bydnnsoftware.

Brian Solis

Site: briansolis.com
Who: NYT best-selling author, speaker, consultant.
Topics: Social media technology and emerging business.
Value : The authority on social business and how new technology is shaping business and marketing.

Seth Godin

Blog: Sethgodin.typepad.com
Who : Best-selling author, lecturer, marketing guru, entrepreneur.
Topics: Social media, branding and business strategy.
Value: America's Greatest Marketer, shares his creative marketing insights and big picture thoughts on branding.

Paul Gillin

Blog: Gillin.com/blog
Who: Author, columnist, speaker, B2B social media consultant.
Topic: B2B marketing, social media, open enterprise.
Value: Consultant to big brands, delivering intelligent coverage of vital B2B marketing trends and strategy ideas.

Amy Porterfield

Blog: amyporterfield.com
Who: Marketing expert, speaker, educator, author.
Topics: Social media and content marketing.
Value: A powerful social media influencer; tons of practical ideas for small business marketing.

Ann handley

Blog: annhandley.com
Who: Author, speaker, content chief at MarketingProfs.
Topics: Online Content marketing and social media.
Value: One of the most influential women in social media; an important source for social strategy and tactics.

Jay Baer

Blog: convinceandconvert.com
Who: Best-selling author, keynote speaker, consultant.
Topics: Content marketing, social media.
Value: Top resource for content marketing; great tips for accelerating your content and social media.

Jeremiah Owyang

Blog: web-strategist.com/blog
Who: researcher, analyst, speaker, web strategist.
Topic: Social business, web technology, collaborative Economy.
Value: Highly-praised authority on social strategy and emerging technologies - in-depth research and macro-level business ideas.


Site: blog.Kissmetrics.com
Who: Multi-author blog edited by KISSmetrics - analytics software provider.
Topics: Analytics, testing, Social marketing.
Value: The latest on measurement and testing, practical online marketing ideas, and B2B content directed at customer understanding.


Site: Moz.com/blog
Who: Community blog managed by Moz (SEOmoz) - SEO software and consulting.
Topics: Search engine optimization, analytics, inbound marketing.
Value: Vibrant community of professionals sharing great technical and strategic content.


Site: Blog.marketo.com
Who: Multi-author blog produced by software makers Marketo.
Topics: B2B marketing, content marketing and marketing automation.
Value: Big industry names deliver their visions on the most important B2B issues.

image by: huffingtonpost
Source : http://www.digitalinformationworld.com/2013/10/10-most-popular-websites-every-b2b.html


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