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Web Design Trends 2016 infographic

Web Design Trends 2016 infographic No doubt, fashion is quite transient. The same can be said about the fashion for web design: many of the trends that have been at the peak of popularity 2–3 years ago, no more exists. Yet it would be foolish to say that trends are unpredictable at all. Actually, they can be predicted if one closely monitors the needs of the audience along with the latest technical developments and progress in general. So let’s move on to the main design trends, which will be in the foreground in 2016. "Old" is in Fashion Again Good news for fans of retro: vintage will be one of the central design elements in 2016! You’ll be able to feel the unique atmosphere of 70s and 80s…era of airbrushing and stencils along with pale colors is reviving! “Almost Flat” 2016 One of the key advantages of a flat design is that simplicity makes the interface more intuitive for visitors without distracting attention to details. Flat design suits modern frameworks perfectly, as w

A Web Designer's Toolkit for 2016 and Beyond

A Web Designer's Toolkit for 2016 and Beyond Web design is a very dynamic niche. Every year, dozens of new tools get released and updated. Their purpose is to reduce the use of code and make web design more suitable for users. In this article, we reviewed some of the top web design tools for 2016. Visual Composer If WordPress is your CMS of choice, you definitely need to try the Visual Composer. This is one of the most popular page builders that allows you to create richer pages that will definitely stand out. Currently, the Visual Composer is powering more than 1 million websites. The reason for its popularity is the use of drag and drop features that completely eliminate coding from web design work. Visual Composer’s regular package can be bought for $34 (additional $10 for prolonged support), and it contains more than 40 premium content elements, 60+ predefined layouts and more than 150 third party add-ons. All this is complemented with SEO friendly page building environment and

AdWords Email Database Targeting & Gmail Ads Creatives CrashCourse

AdWords Email Database Targeting & Gmail Ads Creatives CrashCourse A few weeks ago Google launched Gmail ads in the AdWords interface, shortly after that they pushed out the ‘Customer Match’ feature allowing advertisers to upload email databases into their accounts – arm yourself and learn email marketing via adwords skills to add it to your advertising options or service solutions in under 5 minutes below. Uploading Email Databases To AdWords Phenomenal addition to the AdWords front-end from this month on wards. It was once allowed on the old Gmail ads beta (GSP), but as of whenever Google decided to slip it into our inventory of options – almost any adformat can be triggered by your email database. Here is how Google described it: Customer Match is a new product designed to help you reach your highest-value customers on Google Search, YouTube, and Gmail -- when it matters most. Customer Match allows you to upload a list of email addresses, which can be matched to signed-in users

Essentials Tips to Set up Engaging Email Drip Campaign

Essentials Tips to Set up Engaging Email Drip Campaign Your  drip campaign  is a “customer journey” you send your perspective clients/customers on so that when they are ready to invest or make a purchase you are top of mind. There is no doubt about it  email campaigns are the best way to sell online.   Here are some mind-blowing stats: Email is the No. 1 activity  people use on their Smartphones. Not to mention 4 out of 5 smartphone users check their phone within the first 15 minutes of their day. Currently 50% of the population use a Smartphone an estimated 68% will by 2017. Worldwide email accounts is expected to increase from almost 3.9 billionin 2013 to over 4.9 billion by the end of 2017. Knowing how to effectively communicate to your audience is essential to growing your profitability because 72% of consumers preferred communication from businesses is via email. Just like a leaky faucet, email drip campaigns can quickly become annoying. However, when you follow these 8 tips you c