Simple and Effective Tips for Creating Great Social Content

Simple and Effective Tips for Creating Great Social Content  

One may have the best design for their social media accounts and its content but without other elements, these are not great social content.
Great design surely helps but great social media content is a mixture of much more than that as this infographic teaches us.
The infographic from Edge Media gives us two overarching tips for creating great social content.
The first tip is to “Have a great angle” while the second one tells us to “Package it well”.
Under the first tip, we have criteria social media managers should use to judge content they intend to post. These criteria can be surmised in three questions:
- Is the content informative?
- Is the content entertaining?
- Is the content different?
Informative content are content are content that show brand expertise, share a useful tip and reveals insight. Brand expertise and tips simplifies something complex while insights convey trends. As we have said in the past here at Social Barrel, post content on your social media accounts that give value to your followers. People only follow accounts that give them value either by teaching them, entertaining them or give them something to aspire for.
Entertaining content are content that show a friendly brand, tell a brand story and make people smile or laugh. These content may also provoke thinking or make people aspire to action.
Different content are content that show brand personality, give a fresh take on things and surprises people. People are always looking for something different yet relatable and once a social media account hits the right balance of being different yet relatable, its owners are more likely assured to have an ever increasing following.
All these three criteria boil down to three main points too. For content to be considered great social content, they must be visually attractiverelevant to the brand, and convenient for viewing.
For the next overarching tip which is to “Package it well”, social media managers should invest in great graphic design which shows cohesive creative direction and a knack for choosing right visuals. Content must also show product and service relevance along with brand identity. The type of media used for the different and appropriate channels and platforms should also work consistently with the overall social media plan of the company or brand.
Following these tips will ensure that an organization will pump out great social content. With great content follows followers, customers, fans and hopefully free brand ambassadors.
Learn more including the common mistakes in creating social content from the Edge Media infographic below.


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