SEO trends to be aware of in 2016

SEO trends to be aware of in 2016

SEO is continually changing and large search engines like Google are always updating their  criteria for website ranking.

We thought that this infographic from summarized some of the most important new trends in SEO development. One of the most interesting and possibly  most significant trend to be aware in SEO is the alignment of mobile and desktop SEO, with the emphasis shifting  towards mobile SEO. In other words, if your website is not mobile friendly and does not show up well on mobile devices, you may be in for a drop in SE ranking in the near future – if this has not already taken place. The reason is envious – search engines have to satisfy their viewer’s need to find relevant info and data quickly and with more and more people going online via their mobile devices, mobile SEO is becoming a priority for the web developer and marketer. YOu can check on the mobile friendly status of your website by going to

Content  in SEO is another factor that many website owners are not fully aware of.

It is no longer good enough to have an attractive advert as your website. Your site should have relevant  and interesting  content in order to be ranked highly by the search engines. However – and this is a crucial new trend – any old content is not good enough. The search engines are looking for quality content that is informative and germane to the product, service or topic of that site. This refers to the “rich answers” focus in Google search – as indicated in the infographic.

Another important  trend is that search engines are looking for sites that engage and interact with their audience.

This also includes the growing importance of social signal as an indicator of popularity – which is being increasingly taken into account by the search engines. Other factors to look at for the future  that are becoming  increasingly important, are video and interactive content. Interaction  is being seen as an important element in website ranking; and coupled with this is the move towards semantic search as opposed to simple keyword optimization. Have a look at our article on semantic search in this regard.

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