Improve your blog content

Improve your blog content

Here is a great infographic on how to  improve your blog content.

It is no secret that content is the key in improving the visibility and the popularity of  your website. Content is more important in terms of marketing and getting visitors to your site than ever before. The reason for this is that Google  and other search engines are placing much more emphasis  on quality content and on other related aspects such as social  signals that impact search engine visibility.

What is good content?

Good content is content that answers the right questions relating to your community and clients. In other words,  quality content requires a certain amount of market research in order to discover those issues and questions that impact your followers and that can draw in new followers and increase interaction. Therefore, the first step in improving your content is to wrote content that is relevant or important for your viewers and client base.
Content  need not always be original – a combination of curated and original content can also provide useful information for your visitors and indicate your expertise in your field. Content these days should also have depth – Google and the other search engines look for content that can provide VALUE for the web searcher.  The concept of value in content refers to providing useful information and answers to the questions and queries that are likely to be asked in search.
  • Keep it simple. Straightforward and clear writing is much better than complex and convoluted text that might discourage the reader or viewer.
  • Improving your blog content also means being aware of clarity and precision in your use of language. There is nothing that is more off-putting in a blog post than content that is grammatically incorrect or poorly constructed.
  • To learn more about how to improve your blog content have a look at the infographic below.


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