Importance of mobile marketing for business

Importance of mobile marketing for business

Mobile usage is becoming increasingly important as a major factor in advertising  your business.

This eye-opening infographic shows the increasing importance of paying attention  to mobile platforms in marketing and promoting your website and products. When one considers that there are four billion people who have a mobile device with 271 million mobile subscribers in the United States alone,  then the importance of mobile becomes apparent.

South African mobile  figures  also  show the value of mobile marketing

Total mobile connections (active sim cards)66.1 million
Total unique subscribers (people)40.7 million
Mobile penetration (active connections to population)128%
 For more details on the South African mobile situation see our article on the reality of South African mobile usage
Some of the important insights  from this infographic are that;
  •  A large percentage of consumers( 60 percent) do product research on their mobile devices.
  • Eighty percent of  emails are read using a mobile device – which is an indicator of the interactive power of the mobile platform.
  • Importantly  most mobile searchers lead to some form of action with more than fifty percent leading to a a purchase.


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