How to increase subscribers to your blog

How to increase subscribers to your blog

How can you increase subscribers to your blog?

So you have a fantastic and interesting blog that you update regularly and while you have visitors,  very few people  subscribe to your blog – what is wrong? This useful infographic from Blogspot  points out some very useful  useful tips to increase blog subscription – and to increase  your blog’s visibility on the web.
One method that is often used are Homepage opt-in forms may seem to be intrusive – those slide in forms that allow for  subscriptions – but many studies have shown this to be a very effective way of increasing subscribers to your blog.

Call-to action announcements has also been found to be effective as well as well-optimized confirmation pages.

A well designed and appealing confirmation page instead of a bland unattractive form can make all the difference to gaining a new subscriber.
a regular newsletter that is promoted on a number of social media channels can also be very effective in gaining followers and subscribers. This is another proven method  of increasing your subscription rate. Have a look at this detailed infrographic and compare your blog to these requirements.
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