How To Get More Traffic to Your Blog

How To Get More Traffic to Your Blog

Every blogger wants the secret formula to how to get more traffic to your blog.
More traffic is good for many reasons:
  • increases brand awareness
  • increases sales
  • increases engagement
  • builds relationships with other bloggers and people in general
This burning desire for more blog visitors has led to a number of bad strategies for blog promotion.

In the beginning people started gaming Google by doing the following:
  • unscrupulous linking
  • buying and selling links
  • keyword stuffing
I am sure that there are many other dark approaches that I have no idea about.
But in the end Google was wise to all of that and adjusted their algorithms to eliminate sites that did not provide valuable content to their customers.
Customers for Google – are regular, ordinary people like you and me, who want relevant search results.
So, the best advice for bloggers and website owners is to keep the content real.
However, that alone is still not enough. You can have the best content in the world, but if nobody knows about it, they won’t come to your blog.

So What Is a Blogger To Do?

Obviously, gaming Google is not the answer.
But there are other strategies that we can employ to get the word out.
There is nothing wrong with marketing our blogs.
Every legitimate business uses advertising and networking to build their customer base.
Your blog is no different.
And even better – you don’t need a big budget, or any budget at all to spread the word about your website.
The thing that you do need is time.
I found the following infographic on one of my favorite blogs about blogging – calledBlogging Wizard.
Basically for every single post that you write – you need to take the time to promote it on a variety of different social media platforms and bookmarking sites.
If you mention other bloggers in your article – take the time to let them know that they were featured (yes, Adam – you will be hearing from me. 😉 )
The number one reason that we don’t self promote our blogs is that we don’t allow ourselves enough time to follow through.
When you write a blog post, you should build in an extra half hour or so to promote the post after you hit publish.
If it takes an hour for you to write a post – book 1.5 or two hours in your schedule to include promotion.
With consistent action, your blog traffic will increase over time.

Download Our Blog Promotion Checklist

I have created a Blog Promotion Checklist with hyperlinks to many of the resources that Adam has mentioned in the infographic.
You can pull this out every time you publish a post and and quickly hit all of the sites to promote your post.
Just fill out the form below to get the free checklist and subscribe to our newsletter.
Here is the infographic from Blogging Wizard – please take the time to read through each step and find the platforms that fit best with your topic.


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