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Ethinos Digital Marketing infographic

Ethinos Digital Marketing infographic Here's an  Ethinos Digital Marketing infographic  about the top trends;  content marketing , mobil...

Ethinos Digital Marketing infographic

Here's an Ethinos Digital Marketing infographic about the top trends; content marketing, mobile optimization, conversion rate optimization; that are defining digital marketing today and are likely to have a significant influence on its future course.
What I appreciate about this infographic is its focus on fine-tuning your digital marketing strategies. At Social Media Marketing World this month, this is exactly what I'll be providing insight and strategies for. Marketers are so focused on the TOFU (top of funnel) that they miss how many leads are falling out or not converting because the strategies aren't targeted nor optimized.
Pretend you're a prospect visiting your latest status update, tweet, or blog post... where's the path to conversion? Where are the stumbling blocks? Are you measuring each point in the path to see where the dropoff rates increase? If not, you need to be.

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