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38 Websites and Blogs That Pay Writers $100 Per Article and More

38 Websites and Blogs That Pay Writers $100 Per Article and More  How would you like to earn $100 per blog post? You can earn that and more ...

38 Websites and Blogs That Pay Writers $100 Per Article and More 

How would you like to earn $100 per blog post? You can earn that and more writing online if you know where to look. While I often point out that the best gigs are rarely advertised, that doesn't mean you can't find some public gems out there.
That's where this list comes in. Updated for 2015 with 14 new markets (11 of the originals no longer met the requirements), this list of 38 websites and blogging markets all make it possible for you to earn $100 per post. Some even pay significantly more than that, so check them out even if you aren't just getting started.

Why These Markets Were Chosen

My requirements for inclusion in this list were simple:
  • It had to be an online writer's market (blog, website, Web version of a magazine, etc.).
  • Guidelines, or at least payment info, had to be available publicly online (and not just from third party reports).
  • The $100 mark had to fall within the market's pay range for at least one type of writing (for example, some might start at $100, and others might pay "up to" $100).

Websites & Blogs Paying $100 per Article

Explore these paying blogs and other online markets to see if any are a good fit for you. And don't forget to keep an eye on the writer's market directorywhere I periodically add new listings.

1. focuses on adult students re-entering educational institutions to pursue advanced degrees or other professional development. They pay $75 - 135 for non-promotional feature articles of 1000 - 1500 words.

2. accepts travel and destination-related posts from Texas writers. This includes reviews of Texas hotels, restaurants, events, and more. Blog posts should be 600-1000 words each, and pay is $125-200 per post (including required photos).

3. is associated with Bird Talk magazine. They want queries for articles of 800-2000 words on the care of birds, photo essays, how-to articles, and human interest stories. They pay $100-200 for short features of 1000 words or less, and they pay $300-400 for features of 1500-2500 words, including photographs.

4., tied to Cosmopolitan magazine, is looking for online contributors to submit essays about "a memorable, crazy, hilarious, or touching college experience." These should be up to 800 words and can focus on friends, dating, partying, classes, working, internships, and more. Pay is $100 for a published essay.

5. Dissent NewsWire accepts occasional and regular freelance contributors to cover news reporting, analysis, commentary and opinion, essays, features, and interviews related to protests, dissent, and related social movements. Journalistic pieces run 700-1500 words each, paying $100 to $250. They may pay more for longer investigative reports.

6. Earth Island Journal

While this is a quarterly magazine, they accept "online reports," which they say are a good way for writers to break into their markets. The publication covers environmental issues including wildlife and lands conservation, environmental public policy, animal rights, climate and energy, and more. The online reports pay $50 - 100 (they pay $.25 per word for their usual features and shorter dispatches, averaging $750-1000 for an in-depth feature).

7. eCommerce Insiders

eCommerce Insiders accepts articles from online retail experts. They accept a mix of commentary-style posts and educational posts covering topics such as SEO, affiliate programs, conversion rates, logistics, call centers, and other e-commerce related issues. While they accept shorter articles at a lower rate, they pay $125 for articles over 600 words.


This market came to me from Sumitha Bhandarkar, via Anne Wayman ofAbout Freelance Writing. The blog accepts articles about parenting for smart, busy parents. There is a limited reading period each month. The monthly topic will be updated on the submission guidelines page each month, along with each month's deadline. The blog pays $100 per post. If your post tops the list of most popular posts at the end of the year, you can earn an extra $200 bonus.

9. FlashMint

FlashMint accepts Flash development tutorials from experienced developers. These tutorials should include screenshots and step-by-step instructions. They pay $150 per tutorial.

10. The Graphic Design School Blog

The Graphic Design School Blog accepts articles and beginner-level tutorials in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. They pay $100 - 200 per accepted freelance contribution.

11. is a community built around artists, the theater, and performance. While they only pay $50 for blog posts of 750-1000 words, they pay $100 for their "NewCrit Parameters" of 1000-1500 words and $150 for essays of 1500-2000 words.

12. The Introspectionist

The Introspectionist publishes in-depth articles for intelligent women. Every month features a different theme. Features of up to 2000 words pay $100. Features up to 5000 words pay $200. They accept departments, short fiction, and poems at lower rates.


iWorkWell accepts contributions from HR professionals / consultants / academics and employment or labor attorneys with HR expertise. They're looking for instructional articles related to HR professionals. They accept both editing offers for existing content on the site (up to $75 depending on the level of improvements) as well as new contributions paying anywhere from $100 - 175 per article. Articles are generally 1500 - 3500 words.

14. accepts freelance submissions of knitting articles / tutorials / patterns. Pay attention to the writer's guidelines for notes on when to submit season-specific tutorials. Payments are $75 - 100 per submission.

15. publishes content related to computer security, technical project management, and other issues of interest to IT professionals. They pay $60 - 100 per article.

16. publishes guides and tutorials teaching readers how to use Linux. Contributions can cover Nginx tuning and performance, OpenChange, WebRTC, gaming servers, Puppet, Ansible, or SaltStack. You can suggest topics outside of those areas as well. Pay is $100 per article.

17. A List Apart

A List Apart accepts viewpoint / argument-oriented feature articles for designers, developers, content strategists, and information architects. These posts should fall within the 1500-2000 word count range and typically earn $200 per article.

18. Listverse

Listverse publishes list-style articles with at least ten list items (of around 1500 words total). They pay $100 per list.


This parenting magazine for southeast Michigan moms also publishes online (including some online-only articles). They pay $150 - 350 per feature of 1000 - 2500 words.

20. Model Railroad Hobbyist

Model Railroad Hobbyist publishes articles and videos "on all aspects of model railroading and on prototype (real) railroading as a subject for modeling." Articles should be no more than 3000 words. Features typically earn $200-600, although because the electronic version doesn't have the same space constraints as the print version, writers have earned "well over $1000 in payment" for longer electronic features. You earn $100 extra if your story gets on the cover.


In addition to accepting freelance submissions for its print magazine, this publication also accepts Web-specific stories. This is the official state tourism magazine of Nevada, and stories should be of regional interest (state news, destination stories, local restaurants, profiles of interesting people from the state, etc.). Payments for Web-based stories are $100 - 200.


New West is a digital publication focused on the Rocky Mountain region including Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and New Mexico. They accept freelance submissions related to culture, politics, energy, the new economy, travel, lifestyle, Western literature, film and food, and more. While they only pay $50 for shorter local stories, they pay up to $500 for more in-depth, regional pieces.

23. is an online magazine featuring travel stories from published book authors and anthology editors only. They pay $100 per article.


This site features Photoshop design tutorials. You can query them by sending a picture of your Photoshop project's end result before writing the tutorial itself. They pay $150-300 per published tutorial.

25. publishes graphics-related tutorials for Photoshop, Illustrator, GIMP, Bryce, Fireworks, Image-Ready, InDesign, and related software. They pay up to $200 per tutorial.


Scary Mommy covers pregnancy, childbirth, babies, kids, relationships, and more. They're looking for lists and short essays of under 900 words. They pay $100 per article.

27. SitePoint accepts tutorials covering HTML and CSS. Pay is $150-200 per tutorial of average length, and $300 or more for articles and tutorials that are longer. They're also open to content covering Sass, developer tools, open source, performance, browser stats and trends, and task runners.


SlickWP focuses on helping readers get the most out of WordPress and the Genesis framework. They accept tutorials as well as theme and plugin reviews. Articles should be 1250-2000 words long. Pay is $100 per published piece.

29. accepts travel-related contributions for the website and its webzine. Payments go up to $150 per article (800 - 2000 words).


This site doesn't publish traditional travel pieces for the general public, but rather focuses on content that teaches people how to get paid to travel (travel writing, photography, etc.). While they pay $50-75 for articles they request for the website, they pay $100-150 for interviews and personal stories and $150-200 for articles with specific advice on how readers can earn money while traveling.

31. Treehouse Blog

The Treehouse Blog covers design, development and mobile development. They accept tips, tricks, and trend-based submissions, and they pay $100-200 per published article.


TutorialBoard accepts tutorials for Photoshop, After Effects, Autodesk Maya, and similar programs. These must include a sample .psd file for readers to download. TutorialBoard pays up to $150 per accepted tutorial.

33. is tied to Home Education Magazine. They accept articles of around 2000 words covering the topics of unschooling and homeschooling. Pay is $100 per feature. Photos pay an additional $10 each (though cover photos pay $100).

34. Viator Travel Blog

Viator accepts travel-related features for its travel blog. Features should be 1000-2000 words long, and they earn $100-150 per post.

35. accepts tutorials relevant to any V-Ray related techniques, from beginner-level material to more advanced tutorials. Contributors are paid $100 per tutorial.

36. WOW! Women on Writing

WOW! is "an ezine promoting the communication between women writers, authors, editors, agents, publishers, and readers." They accept freelance contributions in several columns (with pay ranging from $50-75). But feature articles of up to 3000 words earn $150.


This site accepts contributions covering studying abroad, global service, expatriate living, international education, world languages, and more. 100% of net proceeds go to DonorsChoose, supporting global education in American public schools. Pay starts very low but can vary up to as much as $100 per article.


Your Online Biz publishes freelance posts related to online business. Bloggers can be paid $100 per accepted submission.

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