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3 Simple Tips to Get More From Your Facebook Advertising

3 Simple Tips to Get More From Your Facebook Advertising Paid social media  is a powerful  marketing tool , and more businesses are dipping ...

3 Simple Tips to Get More From Your Facebook Advertising

Paid social media is a powerful marketing tool, and more businesses are dipping into their pockets to fund paid campaigns. Facebook's by far the most popular social network for advertising, with the best features, insights, and audience. Much of your paid strategy is probably focused on this platform - but are you seeing the return on investment you want?
Sadly, many businesses are wasting money simply because they don’t maximize the right features or opportunities on Facebook.
The good news is that a few tweaks may be all you need to shake things up - these three simple, but high-yielding, tips can take your Facebook advertising to the next level.

1. Use Seasonality and Cultural Events to Your Advantage

There’s a strong seasonal effect with social media. If you’re not using holidays and special events to your advantage, you could be missing prime opportunities to expand your reach and generate conversions with your paid campaign.
Even as organic reach declines on Facebook, content still does well on major holidays, with Mother’s Day, Christmas, and even St. Patrick’s Day attracting large audiences. But, if your timing is right, you coordinate your paid model with your organic strategy to achieve maximum results during these peak times.
It’s also smart to coordinate cultural events with paid social. Remember 'Damn Daniel'? This wardrobe-adorning teen became an Internet sensation with his appearance in social ads dressed in different outfits. An overnight sensation? Maybe. But, brands that featured Daniel in their ads saw increased engagement. A word of caution, however: when these types of cultural events happen, it makes sense to try to leverage them - but, only in a way that fits with your brand.

2. Better Creative Equals Better Conversion Rates

It’s fairly obvious that better creative equals better performance.
What's less obvious, however, is that, because you have better creative elements, you’ll also have a higher click-through rate (CTR) and a higher conversion rate, which means a lower cost-per-click (CPC) rate and lower cost-per-ad (CPA) rate.
In fact, you can realistically get 10% to 30% more clicks for the same budget with a better ad, which translates into better performance in the end.
Not sure where to start? Try these three creative tools to spruce up your ads:
  • Placeit: Insert images or videos directly into device images with drag-and-drop convenience.
  • ReFUEL4: A pay-for-performance creative platform that lives on top of your paid social partner, ReFuel4 builds creatives for you based on your criteria.
  • Adobe Post: A fun and easy way for anyone to create beautiful social graphics. Professionally designed, eye-catching templates can be tweaked within seconds.

3. Explore New Ad Types and New Features

It’s never a bad idea to try out new features presented by Facebook. They’re typically pushed aggressively by the platform, and if you’re one of the first, you’ll enjoy the leveraging effect of being an early mover. The same is true with lead ads, which are easy, convenient ways to collect email addresses from customers.
Success with paid social is about understanding the opportunities and features available to you. Facebook's always evolving, so even if it didn’t work as a paid strategy in the past, a few new tricks and some new ad types may be the answer.

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