What is the Domain Authority of a Website and How to Improve it?

What is the Domain Authority of a Website and How to Improve it?  

The Domain Authority or DA is a number between 0 and 100 as calculated by Moz and not by Google as some may believe.

Let’s say the Domain Authority of your website is low, what impacts does it have?

We will assume a DA under 20. The chances of this website ranking for any reasonable keyword is very low.

This however, does not mean you can’t rank for keywords with lower competition. It is popularly believed that the DA takes into account a lot of ranking factors used by Google and is a good indication of a site’s quality, progress over time and ranking ability.

You can’t change your DA score like changing Meta tags on your website or blog. But there are some practical steps you can take to improve your DA score over time. The most critical factor determining your DA is the number of links and the quality of the linking domains. So one could employ link building tactics to improve the DA score of their site.

Creating pillar content and promoting that content can all help with link building and in turn the DA score. Check out this infographic by Digital Next for more tips on how to increase any sites Domain Authority.


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