How to Manage Negative Social Media Comments

How to Manage Negative Social Media Comments

You think you’ve got social media nailed: a tweet here, a hashtag there, a picture or two to keep things visual. You check your feeds throughout the day to see what’s happening and who might be talking about your business, your industry, or the products you sell. But then IT happens. A tweet or a post filled with expletives and disappointing sentiments of a customer experience gone wrong. Not only do they want you to know the details of their unpleasant experience, they want to make sure their entire network knows.
What do you do?
Whether you’re an experienced social user or not, moderating comments and managing communities is an entirely different ballgame. When you’re tweeting or engaging with customers on behalf of your organization, there’s a whole other realm of “netiquette” to consider, including how to best address negative comments.

Managing Negative Social Media Comments: A Visual Representation

Delete? Respond? Ignore and hope it goes away? Don’t despair, instead follow our  infographic to guide you through the steps to managing negative social comments.


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