How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile and Generate More Leads

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile and Generate More Leads

LinkedIn has become a powerful content marketing platform of late, but still functions as a business-focused social network for the vast most users. It’s not just job seekers, LinkedIn can help entrepreneurs and freelancers identify and court potential new clients. Indeed, of the 92 percent of recruiters say they use social media in the recruiting process, 87 percent specifically use LinkedIn.
So what’s the best way to ensure you’re profile attracts business leads or recruiting offers? LinkedIn offers guides for both general and sales optimization. Some of the basic keys for optimizing a LinkedIn profile include:
  • Using a professional looking headshot
  • Develop a headline that’s more than just a job title
  • Add samples of past projects
  • Make sure your profile is complete
  • List at least three skills for your connections to endorse
For more LinkedIn profile optimization basics, check out the cheat sheet below from Leisure Jobs.

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