B2B Marketing 2016 5 Digital Must-Dos

B2B Marketing 2016 5 Digital Must-Dos

B2B marketers are faced with many options when it comes to digital channels. Websites, search, social media, Big Data, content creation, app development, and software suites are just some of the essential areas that marketers have been allocating their budgets towards to build successful campaigns.

If you’re part of a B2B company that plans to devote more dollars to digital in 2016, you’re in good company. Some 98 percent of B2B companies plan to increase their investment in digital for the coming year. Where this additional budget is coming from is fairly clear: B2B marketers say they’re spending less money on traditional channels such as brochures and billboards. However, where the spend is going isn’t as easy to pin down. As the digital marketing landscape expands, how do marketers know which new channels will enhance their current B2B strategies?

In MDG Advertising's latest infographic, "B2B Marketing 2016: 5 Digital Must-Dos," discover the key approaches that have led B2B marketers to success and what tactics can have a major impact on future growth potential. The specific areas covered include: content quality, customer journey, predictive analytics, marketing automation, as well as webinars and SEM. These five areas aren’t comprehensive by any means, but we believe that investing in each can significantly impact revenue in the year ahead—and long beyond.


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