LG G3 Stylus

LG G3 Stylus

The LG G3 is certainly one of the most desirable smartphones on the market, but at around €500 or so in the shops it isn't cheap. Of course, the G3 has a superlative feature set including a very high resolution 5.5" display. But what if you took something in the format of the G3 and made it a bit simpler?

LG have done this with the LG G3 Stylus. It looks a bit like the G3, and it’s around the same size... but this is a much simpler and therefore cheaper handset. Before you get too excited though – the G3 Stylus is not slated to be available in Western Europe, but will instead ship to Brazil, Asia, the Middle East and CIS countries.

The display on the G3 Stylus is also a 5.5" panel, but where the G3 boasts an amazing 1440 x 2560 pixels, this version is only 540 x 960 pixels, which is a tiny fraction of the pixel count (about 14%). Inside is a 1.3GHz quad-core CPU, about half the speed of the one in the G3. The Stylus also has just 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage (plus a microSD slot) compared with 2GB and 16 or 32GB on the G3.

It’s quite a bit heavier than the G3, at 163 grams compared to 149 grams and it is thicker too. The G3 Stylus lacks LTE support, but it does have a similar 13 megapixel primary camera to its more expensive sibling, plus a 1.3 megapixel one on the front. Inside is a 3000 mAh battery, the same capacity as the G3.

Of course, this is the "G3 Stylus" and it does indeed pack a stylus pen, making it mimic to some extent the Samsung Galaxy Note range. It also comes with a large number of the software enhancements found in more expensive LG handsets.

LG say that this will come in a "fairly-priced package" which doesn't give much of a hint of how much it will be. The somewhat similar Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 retails for around €320 and we would expect the LG to be a similar price point (whatever that will be in the local currency). Availability in Brazil is slated for September with other markets to follow.

LG G3 Stylus  
Q3 2014
GPRS + EDGE + UMTS (3G) + WiFi
5.5" 540 x 960 pixels
13 megapixels (main)
1.3 megapixels (sub)
Large smartphone
149 x 76 x 10.2mm / 163 grams
Internal memory:
Memory card:
1.3GHz quad-core
Android 4.4.2
Battery life:
Not specified (3000 mAh cell)

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